Build it Green

Build it Green

Project Name: Contractor Portal

Contractors did not have a central place to enroll and input rebate application of households under PG&E that was audited for an energy rebate. Reviewers cannot send their comments and inform the contractors about missing documentary requirements efficiently. Contractors need to see how much rebate a household will get once the audit has been completed and passed for review.


JWay created several forms using Visualforce and Apex for the Contractors. JWay collaborated with Uruguay-based agency on the project. We implemented the algorithm from PG&E to compute for the rebate amount based on their energy efficiency rating. The Reviewers section was built using custom pages and driven by triggers and workflows.


The contractors were able to spend more time on the field and less time submitting forms and documents using the Contractor Portal. They were also able to provide feedback to the households regarding their application in a timely fashion.