Transforming a Customer Portal into an Application Hub: Enterprise Group’s Journey

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, businesses must innovate to meet customer needs. The Enterprise Group within JWay has achieved a significant milestone by transforming the customer portal of an American multinational healthcare technology company into a comprehensive application hub. This transformation integrates six crucial systems, revolutionizing customer experience, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity.

The Vision: From Portal to Hub

Initially, the customer portal served as a simple access point for clients to manage their interactions with the healthcare technology company. Recognizing the need for a more seamless and cohesive user experience, the Enterprise Group envisioned turning the portal into an all-encompassing application hub. This hub centralizes access to various services and integrates multiple systems to provide a unified and efficient user experience.

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Key Integrations: Bridging Systems for a Unified Experience

  1. Okta Single Sign-On (SSO):

    Integrating Okta SSO allows users to access all services with a single set of credentials, enhancing security and reducing friction.

  2. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud:

    Integrating Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud enables a robust shopping experience, allowing users to browse, purchase, and manage orders seamlessly.

  3. SAP C4C:

    Integrating SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) focuses on managing service tickets, streamlining the process for addressing customer inquiries and ensuring timely resolution.

  4. Docebo Learning Management System (LMS):

    The Docebo LMS integration provides a platform for training and certification programs, allowing users to access learning materials, track progress, and gain certifications.

  5. Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS):

    Integrating Ingeniux CMS enables the healthcare technology company to manage and deliver high-quality content, ensuring users are always informed and engaged.

  6. Heretto Component Content Management System (CCMS):

    Heretto CCMS integration allows for the efficient creation, management, and delivery of complex documents and technical content.

Federated Search: Seamless Access to Information

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One of the standout features of the transformed application hub is its federated search capability. Using the Lucene search engine, the hub provides powerful and efficient search functionality that spans multiple data sources, including the customer portal and Docebo LMS. This federated search allows users to quickly find relevant information across different platforms without needing to navigate through each system individually. Whether users are looking for specific content or learning materials, the federated search ensures they can access what they need quickly and easily.

Additionally, the Enterprise Group plans to expand the federated search capability by integrating more systems in the future. This continuous improvement will further enhance the user experience by providing an even broader range of accessible information.

The Benefits: Enhanced Experience and Efficiency

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The transformation into an application hub has enhanced the user experience by providing a single access point for all services. The integration of multiple systems has reduced redundancy, improved data accuracy, and streamlined operations. Users can now manage interactions, access learning resources, track service tickets, and more from one central hub.

Moreover, the federated search capability significantly enhances efficiency, enabling users to locate information swiftly and accurately. This strategic move positions the healthcare technology company for sustained success, ensuring agility, responsiveness, and innovation in a competitive market.


The Enterprise Group within JWay’s transformation of the customer portal into an application hub is a testament to its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. By integrating Okta SSO, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, SAP C4C, Docebo LMS, Ingeniux CMS, and Heretto CCMS, and implementing federated search with Lucene, the team has created a powerful, unified platform that meets the diverse needs of its users. This strategic move not only enhances the user experience but also positions the healthcare technology company for sustained success in the digital age.