Finding the Right Web Consultants

It takes a good amount of money to hire the services of a professional interior designer, but companies invest in them because it’s important to evoke a good impression on potential and existing customers and clients.  After all, who would want to enter or linger in an office or a shop that does not feel comfortable, welcoming and professional?  However, it is not only a matter of aesthetics.  When it comes to a physical office, there are also other factors to consider such as electrical, ventilation, plumbing, and so on.  So it is with a website — a business owner needs to consider finding the right Web consultant who will address numerous behind-the-scenes factors that online visitors never get to see or even actively notice, that is, unless these factors cause an unpleasant user experience.

Why Hire a Web Consultant?

According to Web Consultancy, a good number of consumers put more trust on companies with a website. Moreover, a corporate website says a lot about the company that owns it. It serves not just as a calling card; it is, to a great extent, the company itself in its virtual form. And since it only takes online visitors a few seconds to pass judgment on a website, it is important to immediately grab them on those precious first moments after they arrive. Otherwise, they’re gone. A law firm’s home page that looks like a toy store’s website, for instance, could easily turn off serious potential clients. It is, therefore, important to have a Web consultant who would will offer sound recommendations on how this should be addressed.

But other than the overall look-and-feel, a good Web consultant will consider all the seemingly small details that collectively create an impact on visitors.  This includes navigation, design responsiveness or ability of the site to be viewed on different devices, load speed, presence on search engines, links, social media presence, and more.

Looking for the Right Web Consultant

Unlike in days of yore, there are now Web experts who specialize in different fields. Getting Attention lists down five categories of development companies, namely:

  1. Web developers or technologists who also have a good understanding on communications;
  2. Web developers that lean on technology but not so much on communications;
  3. full-service communication firms but not so much on the tech side;
  4. graphic design firms; and
  5. tech firms that focus on IT strategies.

For the most part, one’s choice of Web consultant will depend on what the company actually needs.  A full-service Web developing consultant will be a good choice for those who are starting out, as they can provide a good balance of technological expertise with marketing strategies, which is primarily what corporate websites are for.

Tips in Finding the Right Web Consultant

  1. As in searching for most other products and services, one must not settle for the first one they see or one that seems to be the most popular.  Shop around. Do extensive research. Inquire.  Asking colleagues and friends for recommendations will be of help.
  2. Once one has gathered a good list, dig more extensively into each company.  Make a phone call and inquire — an easy way to check how professional and accommodating the company is — and send an email to get more details. Get into a meeting, whether online or in person,  to find out the firm’s expertise, the time frame, the rates, and so on.
  3. Upon narrowing down the list, one can consider asking the top three firms for proposals.  This needs to be deliberated carefully since a business owner will be working collaboratively with the consultant to produce an effective online presence for quite some time.

It takes a lot of planning, collaboration, time, and energy to create a website that actually performs.  Therefore, it would be to one’s benefit  to take careful steps in selecting the Web consultant to help the company have or enhance an online presence.

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