La Nebbia Winery


La Nebbia Winery is the oldest bonded winery in Half Moon Bay, California and has been a local landmark since 1979. The winery’s origins date back to the 1930’s. Adjacency to Silicon Valley and status as a destination event business required La Nebbia to expand its digital marketing reach.


JWay Group developed a three-pronged approach to building La Nebbia’s digital marketing presence. A hot spot was installed to their Wi-Fi service providing complementary Wi-Fi access that collected email addresses to help build a contact database. A robust email program was initiated to announce events and promotions.

Social media marketing was integrated with the email campaigns to drive traffic to events such as Barrel to Bottle days. A/B testing was instituted to determine which offers were most effective and which images, videos, or animations got the most attention.

QRvox Voice Valet “talking” QR codes were used as virtual guides on the premises, providing information on Bocce Ball rules for the two courts, and a Botanical Tour of the winery grounds. By scanning the Voice Valet codes with a smart phone, customers could listen to information and increase their enjoyment of the winery experience.


JWay Group doubled the number of email events, and a year over year comparison, during a four-month period, saw a 15% increase in open rates. The hot spot Wi-Fi platform also tracked the “walk through rate” of visitors responding to the email and social media programs. ROI was measured based on the increase in visitors. The winery experienced a 9% increase in Facebook followers. Voice Valet codes registered 362 scans during a one-year period.