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John Hoyt, D.W Morgan

JWay has become much more than a supplier; they’re an extension of our own capabilities and a close strategic partner. As we have rapidly scaled operations in Asia, JWay has brought an entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility that mirrors our own culture. Time and again, they have provided resources to quickly respond to changing business requirements. JWay is a key ingredient in our recipe for regional growth and achievement. We look forward to many mutual successes together in the future!

John Hoyt, Managing Director
D.W Morgan

Scott Filler, Principal, Scott Filler Consulting

I’ve worked with JWay for more than 10 years on multiple projects, clients and positions. This long relationship is based on the quality of their work, the expertise of their team, their responsiveness and commitment to meet project schedules. Their use of offshore resources has given me the flexibility to provide cost-effective projects as well as turnkey maintenance and support once a project goes into production. JWay was my go-to partner for multiple website redesign projects including NASDAQ listed companies in the high-tech and semiconductor space. JWay is a reliable business partner that has allowed me to deliver exceptional solutions to my consulting and internal customers. I highly recommend them.

Scott Filler, Principal
Scott Filler Consulting

Kendyl Kellogg, Proprietor

JWay Group brought innovation, professionalism and consistency to the La Nebbia Winery marketing efforts. As a small business, it’s a challenge to keep up with the demands of running marketing programs while managing corporate and private events, along with the tasting room and winery promotions. We’re glad to have a partner who understands our business and helps us build on our success.


Kendyl Kellogg, Proprietor
La Nebbia Winery

Optimized Marketing Group

The team at JWay is amazing! They respond to messages faster than you can send them, and their work is spectacular. The websites they build need very little change, and in the world of developers, that is astounding. The best part is how knowledgeable they are. When we need something, we have faith that they will give us what we are looking for, and in the slight chance they don’t have the answer, they will find it.

As a marketing agency, being able to trust our developers is a priority, and keeping our customers happy and their websites functioning at peak performance is critical. Our clients deserve nothing but the best, and we’ve found it for them with JWay.

Optimized Marketing Group

Vincent Agbayani, President, Agbayani Construction Corporation

JWay has just completed ACC-Air’s website. ACC-Air is a subsidiary of Agbayani Construction Corporation (ACC). The website is designed to provide essential information about ACC-Air’s products and services, in a condensed format that can be easily read, on iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. JWay, did an excellent job in formatting and presenting ACC-Air’s website, to reflect the smaller screens, without missing critical pictures and narratives. JWay is now supplementing ACC-Air’s online presence by demonstrating ways and means of marketing ACC-Air via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media methods. JWay has certainly showed us the way into the future of marketing. Other than their creative website designs, I highly recommend JWay to provide you an analysis of your existing marketing strategies. ACC has been in business for over 30 plus years and continue to rely on great companies, such as JWay, to move us into the future for another 30 years.

Vincent Agbayani, President
Agbayani Construction Corporation

Danny Teng, Build It Green

It’s been great working with JWay’s staff in developing a portal with platform. The staff is very knowledgeable with the platform and very resourceful. After the first engagement, we decided to extend the engagement longer because we are happy with the service JWay provided.

Danny Teng, Director of Information Systems
Build It Green

Pavel Kalinin, Sun Microsystems, Engineering Manager

I worked with JWay when they were providing services to Sun Microsystem’s partner marketing organization. JWay built a Sun iForce Solution center portal for us, allowing Sun partners to showcase their solutions and connect to potential customers and other partners. I was impressed with the speed and quality of work that JWay’s team has shown on this project. They have smart and proactive engineering team and I really enjoyed working with them.

Pavel Kalinin, Engineering Manager
Sun Microsystems

Milena Volkova, Sun Microsystems, Senior Operations Manager

I was very pleased with JWay’s services when they worked on maintenance of a custom SFDC-based application at Sun Microsystems. Liesel has an exceptional customer focus, ability to brainstorm solutions and delivers results on time and on budget. She and the team of JWay consultants were very methodical, process- and detail-oriented, and results-focused. They ensured a smooth operation of our system that served a global team of about 200 Market Development managers and 10,000+ field sales.

Milena Volkova, Senior Operations Manager
Sun Microsystems

Joseph Lee, Senior Web Marketing Manager

While I managed the corporate websites and channel partner extranets at Integrated Device Technology and Symmetricom, JWay has directly contributed to the ongoing success of improving the user experience and performance of these web properties. I would highly recommend JWay for any future website projects (design and/or programming).

Joseph Lee, Senior Web Marketing Manager
Integrated Device Technology

Cisco, Project Manager

Without Jeff’s help I would have faced a huge learning curve. With Jeff’s knowledge and assistance I was able to establish and update a professional social page without having to start from scratch. He and his team were responsive, helpful, and delivered quickly. The project would not have been as successful without their involvement.

Cisco, Project Manager

Cisco, Project Manager

I have had very good experience working with JWay. The JWay team showed great flexibility and agility to meet our changing requirements and budget constraints. The team has been pro-active in pushing for changes that improved overall performance of our program.

Cisco, Project Manager

Cisco, Program Manager

Gerard and I have worked on numerous projects for my organization over the course of the last 1.5 years. He has always made things straightforward to resolve and clear to understand, and has been and still is an excellent client-focused professional. His exceptional communication skills make him a pleasure to work with. He has the ability to quickly understand our team’s needs/requests and operate in a structured manner in order to achieve deadlines and meet our requirements. When a working environment looks complex, Gerard has the knack of quickly making our teams’ lives a lot simpler. I would recommend him (and his JWay colleagues) to any organization as he would be of great benefit.

Cisco, Program Manager

Charlie Hinojosa, Sightbox Studios

JWay was extremely instrumental in developing mobile apps for my clients in both iOS and Android platforms. I strongly recommend their mobile programming services.

Charlie Hinojosa, CEO
Sightbox Studios

Guha Bharadwaj, Senior Marketing Manager, Go2Group

I’ve been lucky enough to work with JWay on a couple of projects \- one being a website to be developed from scratch and subsequently maintained and the other a mammoth Salesforce design and implementation project. It always felt like the JWay team was a part of our team during the course of these projects. They were understanding of our business problems and were very proactive and responsive to give us advice, best practices, clarify doubts and respond to our (often) changing requirements. In addition, they were very accommodating of our needs whether it was using the internal collaboration tools of our choice, adjusting to our schedules for periodic review sessions or keeping up with our changing expectations. Their work has been of a high standard compliant with industry best practices that one might expect is the norm today. I would definitely recommend them as a partner to anyone who needs the services that they offer.


Guha Bharadwaj, Senior Marketing Manager