Secure your digital properties (network, websites, data, applications etc), like you do your own physical property.  Mitigate the effects of the security incident and eliminate the threat. In the event of a cybersecurity attack or crisis, we can rapidly deploy a crisis response team remotely or to the field. We will assist you to mitigate the risk and eliminate threats that are damaging your business and organization.

What We Do

We can help you get started with protecting your business by providing you with effective cybersecurity services.

We develop a cybersecurity strategy using our proprietary cybersecurity architecture. It includes IT Governance consulting, IT policymaking, risk management (disaster recovery, business continuity planning) and progressive cybersecurity maturity.

We can assess your cybersecurity risks and come up with a detailed report, provide insights and make recommendations.

We establish your security improvement roadmap and engineer solutions to protect your data, applications, and networks.

We can actively monitor vulnerabilities, threats and security improvements using automated tools.

CCPA compliance implies responding to consumer privacy requests in time and legal responsibility in collecting personal data of all California residents. We offer complete solution from rapid CCPA compliance and roll out to cyber liability insurance. Learn more.