Web Design Trends 2015

Web Design Trends 2015

Many design trends are only momentary. Others are products of a natural evolution of this industry. Due to the wide range of available devices where websites are viewed by users, web developers continuously adapt to the changes. Year 2015 is soon to come and web developers and online marketers are concern about new trends to rule over the web. Here are the six main web design trends in 2015:

  1. Typography Is 2015’s Web Design King

    The typographic art is the new medium of style of web design today. Its sophistication can be a good addition to your marketing campaign. High-quality fonts are available in the market at a reasonable price. These fonts, typographic rich, are capable of standard printing, meaning the small and medium marketer can launch a marketing campaign both online and print. Moreover, a good content matched with a rich typography, is truly a good strategy, and 2015 welcomes this design as the king.

  2. Responsive Web Design Remains

    Websites that are not yet redesigning for a mobile audience are in a way working against themselves and missing much of the advantages available. Mobile users are dramatically increasing. That is why a website which can be accessed in an Android device or a smartphone and in a desktop is a must. The responsive web design will allow your site to detect the screen size of the device where it is viewed and then scale to the proper fit, giving them the best user-experience possible.

  3. Flat Design Stays in 2015

    While responsive design is more behind-the-scenes, flat design is what we visually see upfront. The lesser or better yet, the removal of patterns, shadows, textures, and bevels is what creates the so-called “flat” design. This design looks simple but elegant with its clean lines and elements that appear minimalistic and smooth on flat screen. Vibrant colors also help bring the website to life. Moreover, this design quickly loads. Besides its visual advantage, performance is also guaranteed.

  4. Large, Full of Impact Image Backgrounds

    Pictures have always stayed in the scene. One excellent web design or background website design idea is to use powerful images. These can come with text overlay to quickly market ideas to users. For the smartphone users, a picture is easily digestible compared to squinting at text. And of course, a great picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. More Scrolling Is In

    Websites having multiple pages are best for a better SEO strategy. But to consider smartphones or tablets, clicking to get to pages is more difficult compared to scrolling. Because of that, more websites will be designed with either panels or single pages which can be scrolled through. This will allow easier interfacing for the mobile phone users.

  6. A Mix of Everything: Infographics

    Hand-in-hand with large images, colors and brief but powerful text, infographics is a great way to display information in one space. It tells a story that will entertain and inform. Doing it right will give you good results, keeping your audience hooked to your pitch. Plus, it is a user-friendly interface.

    This web design trend utilizes pictures or videos that function together capturing the attention of visitors. All can effectively highlight consumers’ feelings, the product or the company, even issues or anything relevant to a website. Videos, on the one hand, create a story or capture interactions. Your web design can incorporate all these and get your audience hooked to your website.


It is good to emphasize that most of the trends in this list are based on the needs of the ever-growing mobile web users. Consumers will always prefer to experience something that is fast, convenient and functional, while also being visually pleasing and entertaining.

Getting ideas in these trends can help you and your website stay on par with more well-known sites, or even be able to distinguish your site in 2015. You can combine the ideas here or pick out what will be best for the nature of your website. It is very important to make your website interactive, personalized, responsive and easy-to-use – all for the convenience of the users and your advantage. And do not forget that you can integrate your web design with smartphones or tablets since many potential customers will be viewing it on these devices. When you choose to keep up with these trends, it will help you continue your connection with your audience as their wants and needs change with the times.

For companies that don’t consider the mobile web market, they are missing a lot and are only holding their services or products back from reaching out to a mass market. Not looking at the benefits of the mobile web will affect the number of people who will potentially use your service or even potentially know the existence of your business.

For businesses and marketers thinking about redesigning their website in the near future, take a nice look at these web design trends for 2015 as your blueprint for your success and for your increased chance in the market to get ahead of your competitors.

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  1. George says:

    I like your blog post that is informative. In the year 2015 the main focus in the field of web designing is to make website responsive, that is flexible to all devices like smart phones, tablets, mobiles etc. Typography is one of an important and demanding part of responsive web designing.

    • Jan Rae says:

      Hi George! We’re glad you liked our posts. I agree with your comment. Please read through our article on Typography in Web Design. Hope you’ll find it interesting as well. We will do our best to provide more informative and interesting posts in the future. Thank you and hope to hear from you again. If you are seeking for help, we are willing to extend our services to help you.

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