Top 10 Free iPhone Apps for Web Developers

Contributed by Ian (Web Apps & Mobile Apps Developer, Certified Developer)

As a Web Developer, I am constantly in the hunt for cool and useful tools to make my job more fun to do. Here are my top picks for free iPhone apps:

  1. Dropbox
    There are a lot of online storage services that exist, but Dropbox is the most reliable and has the most mature remote collaboration tool available to date. The best feature of Dropbox is the sync and file sharing.

    The sync feature allows you to mirror folders between computers and devices.
    File sharing is just like the sync feature. It allows you to have folders mirrored on other people’s computer. This is useful for collaboration with co-workers where multiple users need to make changes to the same file. Once a file is changed in the shared folder, everyone receives the changes.

    To share your files to those without Dropbox, you can put your file inside the public folder and share the public folder link.

    The Basic version is free with 2GB of space. If this is not enough, there is a Pro version for $9.99 per month with 1TB of space.


  2. WhatTheFont
    Ever wondered what that fancy-looking font you saw in a magazine, poster or on the web? Wonder no more, this app will identify that font. Just whip your iPhone, take a photo and the app will identify the font in a few seconds.


  3. Domainr
    Domainr lets you to search for top-level domestic and international domain names. It will also provide you with links to registrars (209 accredited registrars as of this writing). Domainr will also let you share search results by email.


  4. Web Developer Bible
    Web Developer Bible is a handy reference for all web developers. It includes references for HTML Entities, Regex and SQL. A RGB to Hex Color Converter is also included. It is a very simple app but useful at times.

    Web Developer Bible

  5. POP – Prototyping On Paper
    Have an app idea? POP will help bring your sketches on paper come to life and make it interactive! This can be done in 3 easy steps:
    1. Sketch your idea on paper
    2. Take a photo of it
    3. Link the screens to each other
    Once done, you can share your mock-up via email, Twitter, Facebook to get feedback. Simply awesome!

    POP - Prototyping on Paper

  6. Google Analytics
    After more than 2 years since Google released Google Analytics on Android, it is finally on iOS.
    You can check website analytics including real-time visitor reports. You can also view real-time and time-based reports, view behaviors, conversions and more.

    Google Analytics

  7. TeamViewer: Remote Control
    Fantastic VNC client that supports Windows, OS X, and Linux computers. It is easy to use, fast and secure. The app supports wake-on-LAN (to wake up your computer), file transfer capabilities and clipboard passthrough.


  8. iOctocat
    Github is an online repository for codes and projects. It allows commenting and issue tracking and both features are supported by iOctocat. The app supports public, private, and enterprise accounts and repos. It also includes notifications for Github status warnings.


  9. Evernote
    Web developers spend a lot of time thinking about stuff and coming up with ideas and solutions. Often, these ideas get lost if they are not recorded. Evernote is a wonderful tool to store those ideas and solutions as you go about your web development efforts. The app can collect, store and access all things such as web pages, photos, code snippets, screenshots and sounds.


  10. SEO Automatic Lite
    This app will review your domain and will give you a comprehensive and very detailed report with SEO suggestions, tips and problem areas. The app hasn’t been updated for a couple of years and the UI is quite outdated but it still works like a charm.

    SEO Automatic Lite

If you have any Web Developer tools you are particularly fond of, please do leave us a comment (or question, if any). If you need help with your iPhone or Android app, learn about our Services, particularly our Mobile Apps program, and feel free to contact us.

Web Developer Bible
POP – Prototyping on Paper
Google Analytics
TeamViewer: Remote Control
SEO Automatic Lite

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  1. Kerwin says:

    Another good app to have for developers is an SSH Tool — useful for accessing servers on the go! For me, my SSH Tool App is ServerFault.

    • Jan Rae says:

      Thank you Kerwin. If there are other developers out there following our blog, please feel free to add in other iOS apps you find useful.

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