Sun Tech Tracker

Sun implemented a fully enhanced Tech Tracker application in 2008. Tech Tracker aims to provide both Market Development (MD) Account Managers and Field Sales Representatives the ability to collaborate on opportunities to qualify and certify 3rd party software on Sun platform, and thus, expand market coverage for Sun platform and related products and services.


Provide the development and maintenance support in the following area:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Enhancement and maintenance of application features that include deal management, application request, search, and watch list
  • Performance enhancement
  • Usability enhancement


To fulfill the project objective, JWay accomplished the following:

  • Rendered support for all maintenance issues
  • Provided requirements analysis on the application features
  • Implemented enhancement requirements
  • Improved the performance in login, search and other areas, resulting in significant reduction in the page loading time
  • Enhanced workflow and approval processes


JWay’s role in the Tech Tracker Development and Maintenance Project has resulted in:

  • Process enhancement and efficiency in collaboration between Market Development (MD) Account Managers and Field Sales Representatives
  • Full automation of manual processes in deal management and application requests


  • Custom Java application using platform
  • Visualforce and Apex programming
  • standard features that include workflow, approval, report, and dashboard
  • Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL)
  • Salesforce Web services API
  • Spring and Hibernate frameworks