Social Media Marketing Trends

social media marketing trends

Most people nowadays cannot live without sharing on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or posting on Instagram. Or better yet, social media has really become a part of people’s lives, that to not have an account somewhere makes you out-of-this-world. On the one hand, marketers and businesses take advantage of this growing patriotism in social media platforms. Thus, to know the ins and outs makes an organization or business ahead of the game. Here are the marketing trends you can take a good look at:

Image-Centric Social Media Sees Huge Success

Image-centric social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat may not necessarily become serious competition for Facebook. However, these continue to draw in loyal users which may definitely be the key to their success. For example, Pinterest has really gained high retention rates in its year four in the market where there are more women actually increasing their pinning activity in each year. Moreover, brands, big and small, are getting astounding increase with the use of visual content, from memes, Instagram images to infographics. Visual content is really taking over the social media trend.

Note that visual content does not really require significant resources to create. It is a common misconception in the industry. In fact, what receives the highest-volume of engagement is the easy-to-digest content. So if you want to catch the attention of users, try the advantages of the creative use of visual content for your brand.

Google+ Tops the Interest List of Marketers

Marketers were asked what platform they would like to master. 65 percent answered that it will be Google+, overturning blogging which topped the list in 2013. Next was LinkedIn with 57 percent. This sounds interesting for Google+ loyal users and for its bashers.

A lot of people think that Google+ has no users. But a report claimed that this social media platform has about 540 million monthly active users. Take note, active users every month and counting. Meaning, you can have a really solid follower-base in this platform for your business. There are even some top brands with 90% as many fans here as there are in their Twitter accounts. This is something other brands can consider in their social media marketing needs.

LinkedIn: A Major Player for the Growth of B2B Businesses

Businesses continue to use LinkedIn as their primary network, more specifically the B2B set. Research shows that there is an astounding increase in the use of the company page in LinkedIn. From 24 percent, it went up to 57 percent in 2014. This, alone, shows why LinkedIn should be counted among the social media trends today.

Moreover, it currently beats out Twitter and Facebook in this market or for B2B marketers. Although in B2C crowd, LinkedIn is not yet a top player, it is still good to note how it has surpassed big competitors. Plus, more B2B marketers are taking into consideration the idea of investing more in using LinkedIn as their major platform over other social media platforms.

Blogging Still Rules

Business blogging continues to become a part of the trend. A business blog is a platform which businesses and marketers own, unlike social brand pages. So this serves as your hub for your social presence in the market.

On the one side, 58 percent of marketers prefer original content over curated content. They say that the use of original content as a strategy contributes to their success in utilizing a blogging business platform. Blogging also plays a big role in introducing your brand with the use of a more unique voice. You can use it exhaustively in putting all you can say or market about your brand. Plus, you can use this side-by-side with other platforms to put more impact and to add more networks for your advantage.

The Rise of Micro-Video Platforms

Social media networks such as Instagram and Vine use micro-video platforms nowadays. They put a message in a more simplified form. This has caught the attention of users. Let’s take for example the anti-smoking campaign by Saatchi in celebration of the World No Tobacco Day: Digiday. The first five days of its campaign got 26,000 revines and 50,000 likes. The message was simple and Vine was thought to be the most ideal social media platform for it according its creators.

With the said success of the project, critics report that for micro-video business campaigns, Instagram video is a better platform. Instagram is used more by brands in posting in their Twitter accounts than that of Vine. Thus, for today, marketers prefer Instagram more. 28 percent of brands use Instagram and only seven percent for Vine.


Social media will always welcome changes and developments each year. If a trend in one platform booms, another will surely come out from other platforms. As a social media marketer, you should know where your business or organization belongs. Surely, you can and should use more than one, but make sure that your audience also uses the same.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to leverage social media marketing for your business, connect with us. We’d be happy to help you out.

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