Silicon Valley Logistics

Silicon Valley Logistics (SVL) is an up and coming staffing company in San Jose, CA. In this day of mobile users, SVL would like to build its online presence on all possible devices – laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. JWay provided consulting services to SVL to implement a Web site with a responsive design.


The objective of the SVL Responsive Site project is as follows:

  • Implement a modern Web site design that reflects SVL’s simple philosophy in “Connecting great companies with great talents”
  • Ensure the site is designed to render optimally on different devices
  • Adopt a Content Management System (CMS) that is easy to use


To fulfill the project objective, JWay accomplished the following:

  • Analyzed company philosophy
  • Designed site based on company branding and structure of the content
  • Simplified site architecture for ease of use
  • Implemented site using a simple CMS that supports responsive site design and is easy to use to maintain the site


JWay’s role in the SVL Responsive Site Project has resulted in:

  • Launching a responsive Web site that reflects the company’s vision and philosophy as a staffing company in about 4 weeks (exclusive of client waiting time on content)
  • Launching the company image as a staffing company that is simple and easy to work with yet the process-orientation highlights proven methodology for matching great talents with great companies


  • Responsive Site Design principles
  • WordPress CMS
  • Integration with SmartRecruiters