Mobile Programming Services


Mobile devices are now ubiquitous. In 2013, there were 133.7 million people in the US that owned a smartphone device, representing a 57% mobile market penetration (Comscore). In the same year, mobile devices accounted for 72% of company site traffic ( By 2015, US mobile sales are forecasted to reach $31 billion (Mashable). It would be nearly impossible for any company to be successful in this day and age without mobile marketing and sales.

We recognized this early on at JWay, and that is why in 2009 we began heavily investing in R&D in all areas of mobile penetration.

In February 13, 2013, QRvox was featured at Yahoo! News:–try-this-unique-app-093213427.html

We are honored to be recognized by Yahoo! for our unique capabilities and innovation. Our strength in integrating Web technologies, mobile technologies and programming, QR Code technologies, Text-to-Speech technologies and Social Media has helped us make this powerful concept possible—a dynamic, talking, multi-use QR Code in CCJK+PFIGS, i.e., Tier-1 languages.

To dive deeper into what is possible with QRvox for marketing and sales, please visit our Facebook site at:

Let us put our Smart People to work for you with the following services:


Mobile Consulting

  • Developing your Mobile strategy to drive your business on mobile devices
  • Integration of desktop Web with mobile apps and Social Media to support your sales and marketing
  • Mobile UI and usability development to build instant rapport with mobile users
  • Responsive site development to ensure “oneness” of the presentation and messaging
  • Photography and videography to cater to the viewing preferences of mobile users
  • QR Code marketing and sales using our own “talking” QRvox technologies
  • Metrics Intelligence Management to achieve measurable results in key mobile metrics

iOS App Development

  • Understand goals and objectives for the app and determine whether it should be a native app, Web app or a hybrid app and also whether it will require Web services from the backend, e.g., databases, sound files, videos, movies, etc.
  • Determine what native and/or third-party libraries and frameworks are needed based on a consideration of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern and multi-threading management
  • Apply an agile methodology to develop the app incrementally through multiple spirals
  • Ensure all code is developed in accordance with Apple development guidelines
  • Perform Unit, Integration, System, UI, Performance and User Acceptance testing
  • Use the Over-the-Air (OTA) technique for distribution of the builds for internal review and testing
  • Submission and deployment of mobile apps on Apple App Store
  • Monitor the app for performance and stability; providing key metrics
  • Ongoing support and enhancements of mobile apps and management of updates on Apple App Store

Android App Development (similar to iOS with the following additions)

  • Design and develop mobile app for Android devices in accordance with Google Play development guidelines
  • Front-end and back-end development consulting services for robust enterprise Android mobile apps
  • Leverage Remote Testing Services since the combinations of devices (e.g., phones, tablets, etc.) from different vendors (i.e., Samsung, HTC, etc.) and OS versions are numerous
  • Submission and deployment of mobile apps on Google Play
  • Ongoing support and enhancements of mobile apps and management of updates on Google Play