QRvox is an R&D project at JWay to make QR Codes talk without using voice actors. We see opportunities in marketing and sales, point-of-sale promotions, on-demand presentations in museums and tourist attractions, innovative artwork integrating QRvox with sophisticated Web engineering, multi-use QR Code to deliver fixed or randomized messages, QRvox metrics, etc.  We also realize that our market is increasingly global even within US due to ethnic diversity. We therefore demand that QRvox support Tier-1 languages such as CCJK+PFIGS, i.e., Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Because of market penetration, QRvox is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


It is a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate JWay’s unique capabilities to extend QR Codes to do powerful things to support marketing and sales in a mobile environment.

  • In-depth knowledge of QR Code and its mathematical foundation
  • Vocalization techniques in CCJK+PFIGS with vtxt (i.e., Voice Text)
  • Text-to-Speech engine with iSpeech
  • Innovative techniques to make QR Codes tick in one-of-the-kind marketing and sales pitch
  • Message collections in support of fixed and randomized messaging
  • QR Code beautification
  • QRvox metrics


To fulfill the project objective, JWay has accomplished the following:

  • Mastered a set of advanced QR Code techniques in liking mobile apps with sophisticated Web services, vocalization services and QR Code metrics
  • Deployed iOS and Android versions for QRvox (English Only) and Multi-QRvox (Multi-Lingual support for CCJK+PFIGS) for JWay’s own use


JWay’s R&D in QRvox has resulted in numerous ground-breaking solutions in support of mobile marketing and sales:

  • Fortune Cookies applications
  • Talking Wall applications
  • Gift Station applications
  • QR Code artwork
  • Multi-use QR codes to support fixed and randomized messaging
  • Adoption by Active-Over-50 magazine (http://www.ActiveOver50.com)  for marketing senior services
  • Adoption by TheraBaby (http://www.TheraBabyCare.com) for marketing doll therapy


Too numerous to list but will be glad to give an in-depth presentation upon request.