QRVox in Japanese

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It is a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate JWay’s unique capabilities to extend QR Codes to do powerful things to support marketing and sales in a mobile environment.

  • In-depth knowledge of QR Code and its mathematical foundation
  • Vocalization techniques in CCJK+PFIGS with vtxt (i.e., Voice Text)
  • Text-to-Speech engine with iSpeech
  • Innovative techniques to make QR Codes tick in one-of-the-kind marketing and sales pitch
  • Message collections in support of fixed and randomized messaging
  • QR Code beautification
  • QRvox metrics


To fulfill the project objective, JWay has accomplished the following:

  • Mastered a set of advanced QR Code techniques in liking mobile apps with sophisticated Web services, vocalization services and QR Code metrics
  • Deployed iOS and Android versions for QRvox (English Only) and Multi-QRvox (Multi-Lingual support for CCJK+PFIGS) for JWay’s own use


JWay’s R&D in QRvox has resulted in numerous ground-breaking solutions in support of mobile marketing and sales:

  • Fortune Cookies applications
  • Talking Wall applications
  • Gift Station applications
  • QR Code artwork
  • Multi-use QR codes to support fixed and randomized messaging
  • Adoption by Active-Over-50 magazine (http://www.ActiveOver50.com)  for marketing senior services
  • Adoption by TheraBaby (http://www.TheraBabyCare.com) for marketing doll therapy


Too numerous to list but will be glad to give an in-depth presentation upon request.