Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is hooked with social media nowadays. It is even said to be a more reliable source of information, not to mention fast. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have long stirred a buzz and changed the way brand marketing is done. Every year or so, a new social media platform is being introduced. Along with this, the investments on social media marketing have seen a continuous growth over the years. Even newspapers and magazines have created online versions just to keep up with today’s fast-paced, technology-loaded society. However, in terms of using social media as a marketing strategy, the question remains, “Is it really worth it?”

Here is a breakdown of all the pros and cons in considering social media marketing:


  1. The use of social media can be time-consuming.
    Engaging in social media requires you to constantly update your page or profile with interesting content in order to maintain your relevancy to your visitors and followers. Comments and responses require daily monitoring. Sometimes a week of Internet hiatus results in a number of important missed updates.
  2. Benefits from social media can take a long time to materialize.
    The return of investment may not come immediately. It may take months or even years of practicing social media marketing to create customer loyalty and generate sales. The people on the Internet often have attention spans as short as a minute. A material you publish on the Internet may take time before one reads it, likes it and eventually shares it to his/her friends.
  3. Social media can open the risk of negative exposure.
    Negative comments and feedback from unsatisfied customers can put the brand or company in a negative light. With social media, your brand or company can be vulnerable to negative criticism by customers who have decided to voice it out. These comments and feedback are laid out so publicly, filtering it could only imply something else.
  4. Brand image can be subjected to unwanted changes.
    If your page or profile is monitored and moderated by different people, chances are the image of the brand may be portrayed differently depending on the representative assigned to maintain the brand’s social media account.
  5. Face-to-Face Interaction vs. Online Communication
    While most customers have found it convenient to access social media sites to contact a company for any problems or queries, some of them still insist on having a face-to-face communication with a representative. Social media sites lessen the chances of interpersonal communication.
  6. Social media tools change from time-to-time.
    Majority of your customers may no longer use the social media site that you are using today. The social media platform that you are currently using may become outdated with the introduction of a new one. The effort in establishing a good relationship with the customers will have to start again from scratch.


  1. Social media entry is cost-effective.
    Signing up for a social media account is free and easy compared to the traditional marketing strategies like print and television.
  2. Brand quality is enhanced.
    As Forbes Magazine also includes it, brand quality is improved with the use of social media platforms. As a marketing strategy, the use of social media can be very enriching when done right. Positive interaction with old and new customers through social media can increase the success of your brand. Establishing a positive brand image through an interesting and engaging social media account can help retain loyal customers.
  3. Customer service is improved.
    Customer feedback and response can be quick and direct. You can respond to your customer’s questions and comments, reach out to them and let them hear from you in real time. Problems will also be quickly resolved through personalized and detailed response via social media. In the long haul, this can be beneficial to your brand, leaving customers satisfied and contented with how they are treated.
  4. Everyone is a potential customer.
    The content that you post on your page or profile can attract potential customers. Access to social media is available to anyone thus increasing your brand’s target market. The social media users are from different demographics. Word of mouth through posts and comments by the users themselves can get your brand the recognition and awareness that you need.
  5. Products and services make a better impact.
    A good relationship with your customers can help you in gaining trust and loyalty. Getting to know what they like and dislike through conducting polls and asking for their feedback can help you improve your products and services. Various threads and reviews about your product and services can be done within minutes. It is imperative that you take note of what your customers say about you.
  6. Search engine visibility is increased.
    Using social media can provide a big boost to your visibility in search engine ranking. The use of social media can directly influence your search engine optimization efforts. The bigger your social network is, the more visible you are in search engines.

    Social media marketing can be worth it if you maximize the tools and opportunities presented. Choose the right social media platform that works for you and your business, then see how it works.

Let us know what you think about social media marketing. We are happy to exchange ideas with you.

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