N+GDC Web Site

Nazareno+Guerrero Design Consultancy (N+GDC) is an architectural and interior design firm that caters to high-end residential and commercial buildings that have an eye for contemporary construction designs. The N+GDC Web site showcases N+GDC’s previous and current design work, feature publications and corporate information by displaying high resolution still photos, simple slide transitions, brief but descriptive text and minimalistic Web pages that can be navigated intuitively.


The intended audience for the Web site primarily consists of individuals who have had initial interactions with one or more company representatives and would like to get more acquainted with the company. The site's primary goal is to reinforce clients' familiarity with the company. Additionally, it seeks to introduce N+GDC's capability, work portfolio and contact information to potential new clients and partners who are totally unacquainted with its people and the services that N+GDC offers.


To deliver on the project objectives, JWay  employed the following approach:

  • Used the company logo as a reference for conceptualizing and researching contemporary Web page designs, widgets, colors and themes
  • Selected and post-processed photos that are appropriate to the design goals
  • Proposed initial Web designs and themes, then finalized the page components with the client in an iterative and progressive manner
  • Constructed and refined the Web page with careful attention to color, sizes, content, target devices, ease of navigation and speed


The result is increased revenue through the following:

  • A minimalist and contemporary¬† Web site that complements the face-to-face interactions of N+GDC sales staff with their customers
  • A Web site that embodies the company's penchant for simple yet elegant designs and therefore enhances the company's image
  • Sales staff are now able to leverage on the online availability of the corporate design portfolio when meeting their clients face-to-face
  • Users are able to leverage on the use of practically any type of desktop/mobile device to view the Web site


  • LAMP Stack is used to serve up the content
  • CPanel for administrative access to pages
  • Adobe Photoshop for processing photos and designing mockups