JWay DevCenter Development

The ability to track time reporting and monitor project profitability in real time is critical in the software consulting business. JWay project management team wanted to increase the efficiency of process and reliability of project information by automating the project management process from deal close to the project end. This application enables project managers to monitor and approve time reporting, view team utilization, budget utilization, and project margin in real time, as well as serves as the complete project repository.


Work with JWay project management team to deliver the following:

  • Requirements analysis for the process automation initiative
  • A Force.com application that allows developers to report their activities with projects and project managers save all project information, including SOW and POS, into a centralized repository
  • Capability to monitor project profitability, team utilization, and budget utilization via custom reports
  • Ability to review, approve or disapprove the consultants' time entries
  • Budget utilization reports ready to send to client


To fulfill objective of the project, JWay accomplished the following:

  • Worked with JWay COO and project management team to collect the requirements for the process automation
  • Developed and maintained the Force.com application
  • Implemented Salesforce.com standard features that include work flow, approval process, notification, and dashboard


JWay’s role in the DevCenter Development project has resulted in:

  • Meeting and exceeding project manager’s expectations, increasing their productivity multi-fold in tracking projects and resources
  • Elimination of legacy processes using spreadsheet and file repository
  • Improved efficiency in the project management process
  • High visibility of the project status to Executive management team


  • Force.com application using Salesforce.com standard and custom objects
  • Salesforce.com standard features such as workflow, approval process, notification, dashboard, and reports
  • Visualforce and Apex programming