Corporate Marketing Managed Service

This Corporate Marketing project represents a Managed Service team implementation approach to solve Program/Project Management needs coupled with experienced developers. The team brings many strengths to the department of this large networking company including the ability to gather, parse and document requirements, schedule concurrent projects and execute development needs in areas such as information architecture, user experience and interface design, as well as, technical programming execution. The goals of the Corporate Marketing project are as follows:

  • Develop and manage a multitude of customer facing Web sites including, Mobile, Interaction Network, Security & Emerging Technologies, Digital Cribs and Media & Entertainment
  • Leverage technologies such as HTML, DHTML, XML, Adobe Flash, and CSS
  • Comply with Brand Identity and Corporate publishing guidelines for full IT support


The objective is to evolve a suite of Web sites that support varied products and product lines offered on the .com site. The team focuses on providing:

  • A solid blend of project guidance along with the technical talent to execute requirements
  • Focus on intuitive usability of product pages while complying to Brand and Corporate publishing standards and guidelines
  • Increasing user activity and interaction by implementing Web 2.0 features, such as SMS, iPhone applications and Call to Chat features.
  • Support client needs by becoming the go-to team for executing project requirements in an efficient manner
  • Analyze business needs and develop supporting tools, for example MARCO (Maintenance Request Console)


To fulfill the Corporate Marketing project's objectives, JWay accomplished the following:

  • Built a Managed Service team that provides on-site Program/Project Management and Web Development Project Consultants to develop site areas, maintain existing content and provide site updates as an on-going engagement
  • Maintains site consistency and display of useful and relevant information that is easy to navigate
  • Designed information architecture and integration of detailed content designs
  • Provide creative services, as required, including interactive media implementation, registration tools, forms and Web 2.0 features


The team deployed to support Corporate Marketing has proven to be the one-stop team to go to for Web development and maintenance requests. The team has the ability to work with the business to present product and service offerings in user friendly Web sites, resulting in more customer contact, interaction and retention. Consequently, relationships are fostered giving way to additional sales channels for the field.


  • HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript support
  • Adobe CQ5
  • Responsive Web
  • User Interface consulting
  • Flash: multimedia production using Flash animation
  • Easy navigation: allows intuitive navigation throughout numerous site areas
  • Creation and implementation of “Call to Chat” feature
  • Creation and implementation of SMS subscription widget
  • Creating & editing of iPhone applications
  • Implementation of Casual Editing features
  • Conducted training of Casual Editing features for new users
  • Podcast creation
  • Creative services including creation of banners, buttons both static and animate