Comic Series 002: Client Meeting: Home Based Developers versus Office Bound Developers

Contributed by Rachelle (Web Apps & Mobile Apps Developer)

Hi, I’m a Developer at JWay. One of my passions, aside from producing useful applications (both Web and mobile), is sketching. I have always found drawing pictures to communicate a story as fun and entertaining. In this Comic Series for our Blog, I will attempt to tell short stories through pictures with little or no words that you are all welcome interpret in your own world (and words!). If any of them catches your attention, please do write us back. Maybe we can start a productive and interesting dialogue about our lives as Developers – helping businesses solve their problems through applications that we work so hard to produce and deliver as best as we could.

Read on or should I say “Look on”?

Comic Series 002 Client Meeting - Home Based Developers versus Office Bound Developers

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