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AMP API Component Development

Posted by Jan Rae Carino | Others | No Comments December 11th, 2013

The  Application Migration Program (AMP) API Component Development & Maintenance project represents a major effort at a leading networking company to provide greater consistency in the user experience across their .com applications through integrated framework templates, streamlined APIs, and design standards. The ECM Web Technology group, responsible for this company’s Web Standards on the Internet, engaged JWay to create standards-compliant front-end components for AMP. These components would need to match strict specifications, design and accessibility requirements. Backwards compatibility would need to be addressed for updated components and comprehensive implementation guides written for brand new components.


IDT Web Apps

Posted by Jan Rae Carino | Global Capabilities, Others | No Comments December 11th, 2013

The IT group of a San Jose, CA-based semiconductor company was looking for a Web applications development and consulting partner. They have internal Web applications running on ColdFusion. JWay developed a ColdFusion application to support their new product introduction process. After successful launch of the new system, JWay has maintained all ColdFusion applications owned by the IT group, which support the company’s internal processes such as project tracking and issue tracking.


Sun Tech Tracker

Posted by Jan Rae Carino | Others | No Comments December 9th, 2013

Sun implemented a fully enhanced Tech Tracker application in 2008. Tech Tracker aims to provide both Market Development (MD) Account Managers and Field Sales Representatives the ability to collaborate on opportunities to qualify and certify 3rd party software on Sun platform, and thus, expand market coverage for Sun platform and related products and services.

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