AMP API Component Development

The  Application Migration Program (AMP) API Component Development & Maintenance project represents a major effort at a leading networking company to provide greater consistency in the user experience across their .com applications through integrated framework templates, streamlined APIs, and design standards. The ECM Web Technology group, responsible for this company’s Web Standards on the Internet, engaged JWay to create standards-compliant front-end components for AMP. These components would need to match strict specifications, design and accessibility requirements. Backwards compatibility would need to be addressed for updated components and comprehensive implementation guides written for brand new components.


The objective of the AMP API Component Development & Maintenance is as follows:

  • Provide new components reusable across .com applications in API or code snippet format to support the corporate brand
  • Maintain and update existing AMP components to achieve the consistency between .com applications and the .com Web site
  • Analyze and modify existing .com components to run in AMP environment
  • Support issues raised by application owners in using AMP components
  • Provide implementation guidelines
  • Maintain and update the AMP sample application
  • Back-end development support to the AMP Development Team


To fulfill the objective, JWay accomplished the following:

  1. Thorough review and analysis of design specifications
  2. Accessibility evaluation
  3. Backward compatibility analysis for APIs
  4. Development of flexible, reusable front-end components using latest CSS, HTML and JS technology
  5. Development of Java API to work seamlessly within an existing AMP framework
  6. Component updates based on UE specification
  7. Thorough series of documentation including: detailed specs, extreme use case examples, accessibility reports, TWIKI updates, comprehensive illustrated implementation guides, and code presentations for client development team


JWay’s role in the AMP project has resulted in:

  • Meeting and exceeding client expectations
  • Proven ability to master the management of resources, budget and time
  • Overcoming obstacles, troubleshooting and providing innovative solutions to complex problems


  • Analysis on UE specification
  • Front-end component using latest CSS, HTML and JS technology
  • Development and support for Java API
  • Comprehensive project technical documentation