The Way of JWay

JWay was founded on some core principles. Below are the core set of beliefs that every JWay employee is encouraged to follow:

  1. I will learn something new daily to stay relevant in a changing world.
  2. I will exercise at least three (3) times a week to stay physically and mentally alert.
  3. I will aim to be either #1 or #2 in whatever I have decided to take on.
  4. I will focus on the “vital few” things rather than the “trivial many.”
  5. I will take action – now – when the probability of success is at least 60%.
  6. I will strive to be a “professional” rather than a “worker.”
  7. I will work smart to drive results relentlessly and expeditiously.
  8. I will incorporate fun and humor in my daily activities, when appropriate.
  9. I will build trusting and enriching relationships on deeds, not words.
  10. I will demand “value-for-value” exchange in all my dealings.
  11. I will not do anything unethical or illegal.
  12. I will not discriminate on race, gender, age or creed.
  13. I will be frugal but not cheap.
  14. I will give back in time or money for worthwhile causes.
  15. I will take my share of the time off to relax and to rejuvenate.
  16. Most important, I will dare to dream the impossible dreams!