5 Ways to Make Outsourcing a Success


While it’s tempting to look at and expound on the Reasons Outsourcing Fails, it is probably more worthwhile to share and establish how to make outsourcing a success.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Outsourcing a Success based on our own experience here at JWay.

  1.  Work with people you trust or you can trust. Traditionally, JWay has been a word-of-mouth marketing kind of company. Happy clients refer us to prospective clients. The foundation of the referral being that of trust and customer satisfaction. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a trusted outsourcing firm before, then subject the vendors you are considering to work with to an evaluation process that will expose not just their successful projects but their principles as a company as well as the individual representing the company. It is important to have a good chemistry in core values.
  2. Communicate your problems, goals and processes clearly and early. No secrets. No hidden agendas. As soon as your potential outsourcing vendor understands your pain points – whether it’s about cost savings or inability to hire the right talents or defective processes, etc. – the sooner your potential outsourcing partner knows the better the company can help tailor the right solution for you. At JWay, we invest a good amount of time to understand the client’s requirements, identify the right resources (project managers, analysts, developers, designers, etc.), estimate efforts needed to deliver the solution, validate the appropriateness of the solution with the client’s budget, provide solution options as needed, and improve on the proposal based on the client’s feedback.
  3. Communicate often throughout the life of the project. No surprises. Provide feedback to your chosen vendor (now your partner in making sure you are successful in doing your job) on things that are working well and things that can be done better. Integrate your internal team with your outsourcing vendor’s team. Become one team. Share any internal company development that impacts the project so your outsourcing partner can prepare contingency plans. Treat them as your team. Give them the support they need to get the project done to your satisfaction. Remove or address roadblocks. Their success is your success. The most successful projects we’ve seen at JWay are those where our clients refer to us as “we” and not “they” or not “you”.
  4. Assess the relationship regularly. It is working? Is your outsourcing partner delivering the results you need? Are they at the professional standards you want from an outsourcing partner? Have they taken feedback seriously and implemented improvements you have requested? Have they kept their promises? Are they a good fit to your company culture? Do they get it?JWay has clients that have been clients for many years because we have learned the culture and trained ourselves to become value partners to our clients – even becoming their go-to resource for any new enterprise technology standards updates.
  5. Reward great performance. Take the team out to celebrate for successful launches and timely deliverables. Have a bonus incentive for completing early and delivering quality results. Most importantly, reward your outsourcing partner with ongoing engagements and keep the relationship long-term. That’s the greatest reward and compliment you can give your outsourcing partner– ongoing flow of profitable engagements that help your company and their company thrive.Most of JWay’s clients have become friends who think of bringing us along when they join new companies. And this brings us back to  #1 – Work with people you trust or you can trust.

5 Ways to Make Outsourcing a Success

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