5 Social Media Strategies to Expand Your Brand

5 Social Media Strategies to Expand Your Brand

Can you imagine a world without social media? People from the past had their diaries and letters while people from the new millennium have social networking sites for the same purpose. Many of us suddenly have this obsession to express ourselves online to keep everyone updated on what is going on with our lives. Social media has become an avenue of self-expression.

Over the years, entrepreneurs have used this trend to their advantage. Social media has become a very powerful tool in getting messages across various audiences, including advertising and marketing. It allowed better opportunities to build lasting relationships with customers. Though marketing is easier done today than yesterday, there are still strategies that have to be applied in order to expand your brand successfully using social media.

  1. Use as much social media sites that you can handle
    Each social media site has its own specialty, and this is the reason why people choose some sites over another. It is tempting to use all the channels available because after all, your goal is to be make yourself visible for the world to catch a better view of you and the brand you are trying to expand. However, it is still advisable to make use of the social media sites that you can manage easily. Discover the special features of the sites you want to use, and work on it.

    Here are some example you may use:

    • Facebook: Being the largest social network in the world, an average person spends about 18 minutes on Facebook per minute. That is enough for you to be seen and noticed. You can make your own page and post whatever you want. You may even invite other users to like your page so they can get to know more about your brand.
    • Twitter: Sometimes you are tempted to just pour your heart out to reach your market, but not everybody has the time to read lengthy posts. Many people enjoy the limited number of characters for one tweet. It is an effective way to get your point across because the eyes can only rest on that much word count for a few seconds. The key is using the right words and the right hashtags to allow users to find you.
    • Instagram: To see is to believe. A way to show your target market what your brand offers is to post your pictures. Instagram now allows ads to be posted and viewed by users scrolling down their feed. This actually increases brand recall significantly if you work on it.
  2. Add a personal touch
    Since everyone turns to social media nowadays, it is not unusual to find ads everywhere as you browse through your newsfeed. In fact, this is where much of the advertising happens. This means more competition for you. The only option you have is to stand out.

    The easiest way to stand out is to be real. Be yourself by putting a personal touch in your brand. This will make you attract the market you are aiming for. Incorporate your style and your point of view to make it more interesting.

  3. Think out of the box
    It is human nature for us to keep looking for something fresh and new. With your competitors out there, you cannot risk being just like everybody else. Do not be afraid to be different. Every minute, hundreds of thousands of Facebook statuses and tweets are posted while billions of photos are uploaded on Instagram. Your updates must have a certain edge to it that will make it stand out. Perhaps an interesting picture with a different perspective can attract more potential customers to appreciate your brand and can allow your old customers to see it in a fresh light.

    Videos can make it extra special too. YouTube is the second largest search engine that people on the internet enjoy using. Utilize this by putting up your very own channel. Top brands all over the world add and share videos for the pleasure of their customers and target market. You may follow this trend, get views, likes and comments. Make short clips and adds that will captivate your market. Maybe you can also have a short web series to keep them hooked and never forget your brand.

  4. Focus on your target
    One fact that is hard to accept is that not everybody will love your brand. You cannot please everybody. You might even have haters along the way. Don’t fret and be discouraged because there are still more people who will appreciate you. It is all about finding your target market. Do your own research through these social media channels. Get to know your audience, discover which pages or sites they visit and tap that.

    Focus on your target community, but don’t box yourself with the only target market that you know. Get to know the others as well and find out what you can offer and how they can eventually notice and love your brand.

  5. Be consistent
    Social media only works if you work on it. The key to keeping your brand known online is to be consistent. Update your accounts often. Post statuses, tweets, pictures and whatnots to let your customers know what you are up to. Create a routine so the world can look forward to finding out what else is new. By being consistent, it will let your followers recognize your brand name and let them better remember you. Once they remember you, expanding your brand’s empire will be easier.

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