3 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Important

3 Reasons Why Responsive Design Is Important

For quite a long time, responsive web design has been the loudest format for all websites. Simply, a responsive website design adjusts automatically to fit on all desktop, smartphone and tablet browsers.

Have you opened a website on your smartphone? Did it look like a very tiny version of what we see on desktop? You had to zoom way in and around or enlarge and shrink it as needed to read the text or click on things and do it all over again in all pages. Those websites are not responsive. Basically, a responsive website looks and fits good no matter whether you’re looking at it on a phone, desktop or tablet.

Here are three reasons why you should make your web design responsive:

  1. One Website for Several Devices
    A responsive website can provide an awesome user-experience across several types of devices with varying screen sizes – one of the most appealing aspects of this format. This also serves as an important characteristic because it is impossible to predict what screen sizes or devices the users will use to view or access your site. This will provide a more consistent, efficient and a better user-experience than having a separate mobile website that is specifically designed for a device and screen size.

    Positive user-experience is more guaranteed by a responsive web design because a user can conveniently access the website in both his available devices. When transitioning from mobile to desktop, the user will not feel frustrated finding out that the same website is very accessible in both devices. This makes it possible to have an increasing number of potential customers.

  2. Google-Recommended Mobile Configuration
    Google has a 67 percent search market share, and we all know how influential it is today. That is why search marketers listen when Google speaks. Google recommends responsive web design as its mobile configuration. Moreover, Google refers to it as the industry best practice today. This came from the fact that website that has a responsive design has one URL and the same HTML for whatever device. Thus, it is more efficient and easier for Google to index, crawl and organize content. Unlike one with a separate mobile site, having a different HTML and URL than its desktop counterpart, requires Google to index and crawl multiple versions of the same website. A responsive web design will help Google, your marketer and your business.

    Another reason emanates from the fact that one website and one URL from a responsive web design is much easier for users to link, interact with, and share than content from a separate mobile site. For instance, a user shares content from a mobile site using his mobile phone with a friend on Facebook who then accesses that content through a desktop. The friend will then view a stripped down mobile site on his desktop. Therefore, it will create lesser optimal user-experience.

  3. More Manageable for Your SEO Campaigns
    Because SEO campaign is very important in keeping your website competitive, having a separate desktop and mobile site will require you to also have separate SEO campaigns. Why manage two sites and two campaigns when you can do it in one site and one SEO campaign? This is one of the key advantages of a responsive website than one with a separate mobile site. Your marketer won’t have to do much research for the keywords addressing both the needs of a website and a separate mobile site. You will also reduce your marketing budget for such.

Conclusion: The Future Is Mobile

Online marketers and website will surely experience challenges. Customers would most probably bounce off your website if you are not using a mobile-friendly one. With the increasing statistics in smartphone users in the U.S., you should think of targeting these people for probably a small price rather than losing potential leads with your old website with or without a separate mobile site. In 2017, it is predicted that there will be 5 billion mobile phone users. Plus, more and more people are favoring the use of their mobile phones over their desktop computers or laptops.

For the reasons mentioned in this article, your best option is to make a responsive web design with an effective SEO strategy for your website. Redesigning your website may cost you hundreds of dollars. But come to think of what will a responsive website give you in the long run, better yet, in the near future.

Ask all about a responsive web design with your fellows who have adopted it. What were the changes, challenges and benefits? Undeniably, you can manage your website easier, guaranteeing you better leads and happy customers with just one capable, budget-friendly responsive web design. Contact us to learn more.

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